TTL turns 6 and the dream continues

Today is the 42nd birthday of Bangladesh and the whole nation is celebrating it with joy.

Today TTL also turned to 6.

“Through The Lens” photographic group has crossed 6 successful years. Over these 6 years TTL has defiantly changed the photographic arena of Bangladesh. TTL has seen and represented Bangladesh as it was never done before. TTLers is roaming around the country with their camera and capturing the beauty of it.

TTL introduced new idea and concept of creating platform for photographers by its iconic annual Exhibition “Bangladesh in Frames”. Working and promoting photographers every year by awarding in the ” Out of the Box” contest with many kind of workshop, short courses, online training and regular “Photo Adda” has certainly changed the conventional photographic practice of the country.

We the members of TTL is a member of a big family. We have seen and overcame all the hurdles TTL came across. We celebrate together …..we share the joy…

This is our dream and it will continue….

Happy Birthday TTL and long live the bonding…


The group photo of BIF 3
(C) Ahmed Sharif


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