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5th edition of The Julia Margaret Cameron Award

5th edition of The Julia Margaret Cameron Award


Although the SuperSaver Early Bird Entry is now over, the entry fees have been lowered as compared to the full entry fees, to allow more photographers to enter. If for any reason you have problems to afford the entry fees, please send us an email with your waiver request.

Following several requests, received images will not be shown to general public in our online gallery.
Only those images/series selected as finalists (on an ongoing basis) will be shown to general public in our online gallery, including the credit of the author
(Although this is an Award for women, we’re sending this announcement also to men hoping that you will forward it to a fellow woman photographer)

In this 5th consecutive edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron award, WPGA invites professional and amateur women photographers working in all mediums, styles and schools of thought. Traditional, contemporary, avant-garde, creative and experimental works that include old and new processes, mixed techniques, and challenging personal, emotional or political statements will be welcome.

Who can participate
Professional and non professional women photographers from all countries, competing together.

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the 61-member group shot of TTL for BIF-5… how it was done….

The making of the group photo…


24 April 2013

TTL Group Photo - Processed

probably should’ve come up with this post several days back, but circumstances led me to wait a bit more than I would’ve liked…. anyway, there’s always a time for everything, and perhaps this is the time for this post…. “Bangladesh in Frames V” (BIF) came to an end last night (23rd April 2013) making us feel a bit empty…. this group photo that we’re talking about was on display outside Drik Gallery for five days during the exhibit…. those who are wondering why a group shot like this is so special to us, can visit our previous two posts on group shots of this nature…. the one for BIF-3 (2011) and the one for BIF-4 (2012) set a standard for “Through the Lens: Bangladesh” (TTL) and made our work harder…. this meant that every year we have to produce something ever more creative and ever…

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“Bangladesh in Frames V” opens today

Bangladesh in Frames V open today

The long waited and desired annual photography exhibition “Bangladesh in Frames V” organized by the Photography Organization Through the Lens ( TTL) opens today.

The opening will be on 4:00 pm at Drik Gallery, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. 100 Photographers are participating in this exhibition this year with 100 individual pictures. BIFV has already become the iconic photo festival among the young photographers of the country.

This is the fifth Bangladesh in Frames exhibition.

The selection was done by Andrew Biraj and Saud A Faisal and the BIFV Festival co-ordinatory is Shudipto Das.

Last date for HPA submission 2013



We call upon responsible photographers who respect life and love to take their cameras, in the form of special photo series:

To explore and rescue the endangered folk cultures of worldwide nationalities by means of photography;
To profoundly record the changes and evolution of various folk cultures in a genuine and vivid form;
To record, spread and share the multicultural achievements of the world to enhance mutual understanding and exchanges of human beings and to promote the world peace and development;
To contribute to the World Folklore Photo Museum with world culture records.

Organized by


On-line Submission

Photos can only be submitted on-line.

Entrants must register on the website and submit photos in accordance with relevant requirements.
Every entrant could choose any category listed on the website and is allowed to submit no more than 3 sets. Every set entered should contain 8 to 14 photos.

Personal information as well as the photos could be modified or replaced (registered e-mail excepted) during the photo collection period.


Photo Collection Period: September 16th, 2012—April 15th, 2013 (BeijingTime)



Bangladesh in Frames V: 100 photographers are Selected

Bangladesh in Frames V: 100 photographers announced</strong

Like every year TTL has announced 100 participating photographer's name for it 5th Bangladesh in Frames exhibition:

1. Abedin Safi
2. Abu rayhan Rocky
3. Ahamadul Karim
4. Ahmed Faisal
5. Ahmed Jaudat Nahian
6. Ahmed mahir
7. Akifa Rahman Ondhi
8. Akjon Roosho
9. Al-amin abu ahmed ashraf
10. Anamika Chowdhury
11. Arafat bin Ashiq
12. Ashif Ridwan
13. Ashraful Hadi
14. Ata Mohammad Adnan
15. Atikullah Sayeed
16. Austin Pias
17. Mithun das
18. MMZ khan
19. Avijit Roy
20. Basirul Haque
21. Daniel Dcruze
22. Debashish debnath picklu
23. Dieab Mahmud
24. Dipannita
25. Dola
26. Jowel Paul
27. Ethika Rahman
28. Fahim Newaz
29. Farhan Ahmed
30. Kaly Mun
31. Ferdous Aktar Tasni
32. Parvez Islam rainman
33. Gazi saif Uddin
34.Hasan sagor
35. Hasan Shariar
36. F M Nishan Chowdhury
37. Hashim reza Roctim
38. Hossain Atahar
39. Hridoy tanveer
40. Inkiad Hasin
41. Jannat Heaven
42. Jessica Islam Lia
43. Khan zahid
44. M.Haque
45. Mahmud Fahmi
46. Marland Miller
47. Maruf raihan
48. Md Abu sayed Joarder (Kallol)
49. Md Wahiduzzaman
50. Mohammad Ashaduzzaman
51. Mohamad Emran
52. Mohammad saiful islam
53. Mohammad sarfaraz Hyder
54. Arifur Rahman Mitul
55. Mortuza Alam
56. muhammad Moinuddin
57. N H shaikhul Islam
58. Nahian bin Khaled
59. Khondoker Nasif Akhter
60. Navid bin shakhawat
61. Neaz Ahmed
62.Nidal Adnan Kibria
63. Nishat Ara
64. Pusan Shaan
65. Md Showkat Shuvro
66. Riasat rakin
67. Ridanul Islam Riduan
68. Rizwanul Hasan
69. Ronie Amin
70. Sabbir17
71. Sabbir hasan
72. sabiha Shahid
73. Shafiul Umam Dipro
74. Shahnewaz Karim Rontee
75. Shantanu Bishwash
76. Sharif Ripon
77. Mirza Zahidul alam Shawon
78. Sohail Anwar
79. Shucharit Biswas Mithu
80. Tahsin Hossain
81. Tanjib Ahmed
82. Tanvir Mahmud Khan
83. Taufiqur Rahman
84. Shah Newaz Shaikat
85. TMz Ahmed
86. Tushar S Chowdhury
87. Faisal Akram ether
88.Quazi rabbani
89. Yasir 3210
90. Aninda Kabir Avik
91. Fahim Zaman
92. farhana haque jenny
93. Ferdousi Begum
94. Kazi Shudipto
95. Khalid Rayhan Shawon
96. Sharmin Chowdhury
97. Kumar Bishawjit
98. Shudipto das
99. Saud A Faisal
100. Md Faisal Kabir

Congratulation to all and see you all at BIF V