Shining a Light International Photo Contest

Shining a Light International Photo Contest

The Muhammad Ali Center, Generation Ali, and MensWork Inc. announce the 2013 First Annual “Shining a Light” International Photo Contest. The goal of this year’s competition is to showcase the global and systemic problem of violence against women and to highlight the actions individuals and organizations are currently taking to combat this issue.

In addition, the contest hosts will produce a documentary-style exhibition from 20 to 30 finalist photographs that will be exhibited at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky during November and January 2014, and subsequently in other venues to raise awareness and promote education

“Shining a Light: Working Together to End Violence against Women” The photographic submissions are asked to depict one or more of the following:
1. The impact of violence against women (not limited to physical and sexual violence, but uncovering other forms of violence and abuses of human rights as well) on communities across the world
2. Individuals or organizations engaging in actions to prevent violence against women
3. Solutions or actions that incorporate men’s activism or actions to prevent violence against women.

PRIZE DETAILS: A donation will be made by the contest hosts to the non-profit or non-governmental organization of choice of the first, second and third place winners in the following amounts:
1st Prize—$1000
2nd Prize—$750
3rd Prize—$500

Free Entry

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