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Vincent Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait Turned Into a Photograph – by Tadao Cern

Vincent Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait Turned Into a Photograph – by Tadao Cern

Van Gogh came live by Tadas Cern.

Such a remarkable work.


Photo series “Beasts of India” by Abbas

Beasts of India by Abbas

2013From the smallest, the rat, to the biggest, the elephant, Indians have a special relationship with their animals. In the West, most of these animals can be seen only in the farm or in the zoo. Not in India! There, they cohabit with homo sapiens, they roam the street and dirty them with their droippings, they are fed every day, pampered in Hindu temples,

Some of these beasts are also considered gods by Hindus. Two of the best known are Hanuman, a monkey or Ganesh, an elephant.

(C) Abbas/ Magnum

(C) Abbas/ Magnum

(C) Abbas/ Magnum

(C) Abbas/ Magnum

(C) Abbas/ Magnum

(C) Abbas/ Magnum

Full story in Magnum site

“Jadukata” a river with its magic beauty

“Jadukata” … like its name… this is probably one of the most beautiful rivers of Bangladesh….it enters directly from Meghalaya of India….and deposits a vast area with sand, stone and coal….

The crystal clear water…with layers of hills of Meghalaya..made this place a heaven on the earth…

With its beauty..this is one of the sources of gravels and sands used in construction…the process withdrawal resources is still fully manual….and many lives directly depends on its deposits….but as the whole extraction is done without any proper plan there is a definite change of any environmental issue..Experts should look into this matter…

This unique landscape with its surrounding people …can be a prime location of tourists…but I m not sure how many of us know about this magic river…..but hope is there….

A huge deposit of sand and stone

Sands and Stones are being extracted in a unplanned way….

Beauty is all-around….

Boats are specially designed for carrying stones and sand….

Collection of Stones and Sand….

Life is hard…..

He carries stone from boat to the land….

Two brothers…work for 3/4 hrs to fully this boat by stones…

Jadukata river offers tremendous beauty with natural resources with unlimited hope….but have to handle very carefully….