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TTL Walk n Learn-5: Basic of Photography

TTL Walk n Learn is back again for the photographers who are very new in photography or just bought a new DSLR. This is an initiative from TTL for learning and sharing the photography knowledge through photo walk. So if you want to learn the basic of photography from senior photographers of TTL, this is a very good opportunity for you.

Before posting your name in the thread, please read the rules carefully.

1. Every participants should have a DSLR.

2. There will be a group of 4 participants and 1 instructor.

3. All the participants are requsted to read the camera manual before participating which will be helpful for better understanding.

4. Each of the participants will share the best photographs taken by them in this thread.

5. TTLM will judge the photographs and a photographer will be awarded with title Walk n Learn Champion

Details of the Walk n Learn-5:

Date: 29th June Saturday
Time: 8am to 11 am
Venue: Shakharibazar
Meeting Place: Court Kachari Gate, Shakhari bazar
Registration Fee: 300 taka per person

No of Participants: 24

Name of the Instructors:

1. Saud A Faisal
2. Kamrul Hasan
3. Hameem Shakhawat
4. Shadow of Dark
5. Ahmed Sharif
6. Shudipto Das

Coordinator: Shudipto (01711507894)

# Registration fee could be paid in advance or in the venue.
# Post your full name, cell no in this Registration Thread only if you are confirm.


TTL POD : some of my personal favorite

TTL POD (Photo of the Day) returned after 2 years and this is almost 1 moth where we can see one amazing picture every day from TTL Photo Pool.

Personally I am a keen viewer of each POD and also a member of selector pool. Today I was going through the PODs and I have selected by some of my personal pick form the last month PODs and its really worth sharing:

By Mushda

By kuntal Blaze D Costa

By Khalid

By Daude Helal Fahim

By Fahad

By Fahim

Great photos and congrats to all POD winners.

Saud A Faisal
11th June 2013

Beauty of Bangladeshi Haor

TTL just came back from it’s monsoon “Haor” visit from Shunamgonj, Sylhet. TTL visits every year to this place to refresh themselves in pure rain water in the middle of huge water land. This year i could not be part of this and was going through the pictures taken by TTLers and I was really wondering by the beauty of Bangladesh…. sometimes i thought i was dreaming… is this the same country where i live in?

I love you Bangladesh and never seen such beauty…..

I just picked some random shots from my friends below:

Means of living
(c) Kamrul Hasan

(c) Riasat Rakin

Breaking Silence
(c) Kamrul Hasan

(c) Audity Ashraf

Haor of Sunamganj
(c) Shudipto Das

Little Cowboy II
(c) Shudipto Das

Before the Storm
(c) Shudipto Das

Soul Dance
(c) Kamrul Hasan

Song of Silence
(c) Kamrul Hasan

Falling Musketeers !!!
(C) Pushan Shaan

Exploring Tanguar Haor
(c) Kamrul Hasan

Bangladesh in Frames V: 100 photographers are Selected

Bangladesh in Frames V: 100 photographers announced</strong

Like every year TTL has announced 100 participating photographer's name for it 5th Bangladesh in Frames exhibition:

1. Abedin Safi
2. Abu rayhan Rocky
3. Ahamadul Karim
4. Ahmed Faisal
5. Ahmed Jaudat Nahian
6. Ahmed mahir
7. Akifa Rahman Ondhi
8. Akjon Roosho
9. Al-amin abu ahmed ashraf
10. Anamika Chowdhury
11. Arafat bin Ashiq
12. Ashif Ridwan
13. Ashraful Hadi
14. Ata Mohammad Adnan
15. Atikullah Sayeed
16. Austin Pias
17. Mithun das
18. MMZ khan
19. Avijit Roy
20. Basirul Haque
21. Daniel Dcruze
22. Debashish debnath picklu
23. Dieab Mahmud
24. Dipannita
25. Dola
26. Jowel Paul
27. Ethika Rahman
28. Fahim Newaz
29. Farhan Ahmed
30. Kaly Mun
31. Ferdous Aktar Tasni
32. Parvez Islam rainman
33. Gazi saif Uddin
34.Hasan sagor
35. Hasan Shariar
36. F M Nishan Chowdhury
37. Hashim reza Roctim
38. Hossain Atahar
39. Hridoy tanveer
40. Inkiad Hasin
41. Jannat Heaven
42. Jessica Islam Lia
43. Khan zahid
44. M.Haque
45. Mahmud Fahmi
46. Marland Miller
47. Maruf raihan
48. Md Abu sayed Joarder (Kallol)
49. Md Wahiduzzaman
50. Mohammad Ashaduzzaman
51. Mohamad Emran
52. Mohammad saiful islam
53. Mohammad sarfaraz Hyder
54. Arifur Rahman Mitul
55. Mortuza Alam
56. muhammad Moinuddin
57. N H shaikhul Islam
58. Nahian bin Khaled
59. Khondoker Nasif Akhter
60. Navid bin shakhawat
61. Neaz Ahmed
62.Nidal Adnan Kibria
63. Nishat Ara
64. Pusan Shaan
65. Md Showkat Shuvro
66. Riasat rakin
67. Ridanul Islam Riduan
68. Rizwanul Hasan
69. Ronie Amin
70. Sabbir17
71. Sabbir hasan
72. sabiha Shahid
73. Shafiul Umam Dipro
74. Shahnewaz Karim Rontee
75. Shantanu Bishwash
76. Sharif Ripon
77. Mirza Zahidul alam Shawon
78. Sohail Anwar
79. Shucharit Biswas Mithu
80. Tahsin Hossain
81. Tanjib Ahmed
82. Tanvir Mahmud Khan
83. Taufiqur Rahman
84. Shah Newaz Shaikat
85. TMz Ahmed
86. Tushar S Chowdhury
87. Faisal Akram ether
88.Quazi rabbani
89. Yasir 3210
90. Aninda Kabir Avik
91. Fahim Zaman
92. farhana haque jenny
93. Ferdousi Begum
94. Kazi Shudipto
95. Khalid Rayhan Shawon
96. Sharmin Chowdhury
97. Kumar Bishawjit
98. Shudipto das
99. Saud A Faisal
100. Md Faisal Kabir

Congratulation to all and see you all at BIF V

KOZMO & TTL Presents MMZ Khan’s Photography Exhibition


KOZMO & TTL Presents MMZ Khan’s Photography Exhibition

Muhammad Munimuzzaman Khan (MMZ Khan) is one of the promising young photographers of Bangladesh, a country full of color, joy and passion. Social changes, Natural beauty, serenity and essence of life inspire his photography. He works as an Information Technology Specialist but he is passionate about photography. He started to develop his passion for photography at an early age. MMZ Khan received recognitions from various national and international forums for his work. He organized, participated and also served in different capacities in a wide range of exhibitions and workshops.

KOZMO & TTL is proud to jointly present MMZ Khan’s Photography Exhibition titled “Children of Bangladesh”.

Mr. Ahmed Sharif, prominent photographer and founder of Ideas Studio inaugurated the exhibition.

from 4th April to 11 April @ Kozmo Wisdom Lounge, Baridha

Celebration of TTL birthday with a new Dream

This is the 6th time we have celebrated the birthday of Through the Lens or in short TTL.

TTL is one of the most dynamic and active photographic club in Bangladesh which started from an online Flickr based group with its unique idea of giving a platform for all kind of photographer. From its creation on 26th March 2007 TTL is playing a major role in Bangladeshi photographic arena. I really like to mention that some very early members like Shudipto, Ahmed Sharif, Kamrul Hasan, Avik Aninda Kabir, Tahmud Munaz, Kamal Pasha, Ariful Bhuiyan and few more who are know the members of TTL Management team has contributed a lot to make TTL to most prominent name in photography.

The beauty of TTL is this is an open forum and anyone from any geographical location , profession or status can be a part of TTL … can be a TTLer.

This time we celebrated TTL’s 6th birthday at Kozmo Wisdom lounge at Bashundhara with many old and new faces of TTL. As usual a big cake was cut to make that day full of fun and the mingling with members was as usual great.

After 6 years TTL has reached or touched all the milestones now we have to be serious and plan for the next goal. We roamed around the whole country, organized various kinds of photowalks and workshops, created iconic name in photography exhibition – Bangladesh in Frames, started the prestigious award for photographers “Out of the Box” and many more. So now we have to plan for the 2nd stage of TTL … this is the time to focus on organizational issues of TTL and eventually we want to see a Photography Foundation …. we want to see TTL Photography Foundation in near future.


(c) Arif Hafiz


(c) Pusan Shan

TTL turns 6 and the dream continues

Today is the 42nd birthday of Bangladesh and the whole nation is celebrating it with joy.

Today TTL also turned to 6.

“Through The Lens” photographic group has crossed 6 successful years. Over these 6 years TTL has defiantly changed the photographic arena of Bangladesh. TTL has seen and represented Bangladesh as it was never done before. TTLers is roaming around the country with their camera and capturing the beauty of it.

TTL introduced new idea and concept of creating platform for photographers by its iconic annual Exhibition “Bangladesh in Frames”. Working and promoting photographers every year by awarding in the ” Out of the Box” contest with many kind of workshop, short courses, online training and regular “Photo Adda” has certainly changed the conventional photographic practice of the country.

We the members of TTL is a member of a big family. We have seen and overcame all the hurdles TTL came across. We celebrate together …..we share the joy…

This is our dream and it will continue….

Happy Birthday TTL and long live the bonding…


The group photo of BIF 3
(C) Ahmed Sharif